Christmas Traditions

Hi,i’m Matty .My favorite holiday is Christmas .My family has many traditions  and things we do each year . On Christmas Eve we go to my Na na and pop pops . when we get back we get pj’s to sleep in so that when we wake up on Christmas we have new pj’s .Then each year on Christmas Eve set a timer on my phone for 6:30 .Then I wake up my sister .My sister and I then go wake up my brother and dad.My dad,brother,sister,and me then wake up my mom.My mom usually says to wait till 7:00 to go downstairs and open presents . So in that time that we are waiting for 7:00 to come by we talk about what we want .When 7:00 comes we go wake up my mom again . My mom usually goes down first then my dad and all of the kids follow . We all have our own spots to go to on the ground while opening present .Then we open presents , when we are done we take about 30 minutes to look and talk about them , My mom and dad also open the box of the toy or object if we need help .then we all go get a  laundry basket and bring our presents up that way .

when we are all done we help my dad make breakfast . We all eat breakfast and after that we all clean up . When we are done cleaning we all go upstairs . We then all get a shower and get dressed for the day . we play with our presents for a bit longer . At about 1:30-2:00 we have our family come to our house . We have a Christmas party . We eat dinner , that takes about 30 min.- an  hour for every body to finish eating and have dessert .When every body is done we open more presents . But these presents are from cousins and aunts/uncles .when we open all of the presents I usually invite my siblings and cousins in to my room and we play games and just have fun .

Now we are about 8:30- ish ,I go into my room alone  after a little bit of playing with my cousins. I take a closer look at all of my gifts and look at them . My mom then wants all of my siblings and I to  try on our cloths if we got any so that she can see what fits and what dose not .At about 10:00 or so the kids build forts and hang out in those . When all of the kids want to get out we go upstairs with the parents . People start leaving around 11:30 .Almost every body leaves except for my moms sister and her daughter .They sit and talk for a while and around 1:30-2:00 A.M. They leave , after they leave we all go to bed .

Those are my and my family’s traditions for Christmas , I hope you liked it, Bye.

Christmas trees



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Since Halloween is over its time for thanks giving. Every thanks giving we go to my aunts house.We have a celebration and eat lots of FOOD! When we are all done my sister, brother, me and all of my cousins go to my house and all of the parents go black Friday shopping. When out parents are gone shopping we play games and have fun. They come back pretty late so my sister puts us to bed.

Then on actual black Friday my parents go shopping again and we (me and my siblings) stay home. We watch Movies, play games, drink hot coco and play on the trampoline. Then when my parents get home its usually pretty late so we are in bed. That is a little bit about my thanks giving and black Friday. Thanks for listening.
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Changing My School

I love my school but, there are a few things that I could change to make it a little bit better. First I would make different classes and times .There would be 45 minutes of E.L.A 30 minutes of math .Then the rest of the day would be unified arts,lunch and advisory .we would come to school at 10 o clock and leave at 2:30.

At the school we would get to pick who is in our classes.We would get to dress how ever we wanted and lastly we would not have any homework.All of the teachers would be nice and not yell at anyone and they would help you with any kind of school work . Finally at this fixed school they would have a 4 day weekend.Friday ,Saturday ,Sunday ,and Monday. That is what I would fix about my school.

school supplies and furnature for class rooms

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The Dog life

Hi, Im Matty . My  Best friends (MaryVawn and tori) and I are doing what is called a 20% project at school. We will be helping dogs that are not so fortunate getting homes. We will be taking pictures and videos of these adorable animals. We will also be posting facts and things to know about the dogs before you buy them so you know what they are like. We will be working with Mrs. Burch in the SAPP company. We want this project to work and for us to succeed because it breaks out heart when we see abandon and hurt animals.

Our goal is to have at least 4-5 dogs saved and have homes by the end of the year.  On May 1-2 we will be working on presenting in front of out family (school family) and parents/gaurdians .We will tell them what our project is,why,and what we want at the end of the year.That is a little about my 20% project hope you liked it.

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Have you ever wondered,”Why is attribution so important?” Well, when writing a letter, bio on social media or a slide show at school of any kind you should always put a quote or saying that you don’t own in quotes. This is and can be very helpful because think about it, would you rather get in big trouble by the government or be safe and give credit. I am very confident in giving others credit for their work.That is my opinion on attribution,what about you?

About my avatar

This will be all about my avatar. I will tell you the reasons I picked this avatar and how I relate to it. First as you see on my shirt I have the color blue. I love the color blue. As well as my background is pink and I as well lobe that color. My hair is brown and I also have brown eyes. Fun fact my eye color changes! I go from blue to green to hazel/brown. That is some facts about my avatar hope you liked it.

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My passion

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My passion is to help family and friends when they need help. When my family is sick or need help I will be there for them.I think this is good for my family, my community and schools. I think this because every one will need help with something every once and a while and you would not want to be ignored .

Here are a few examples that show my helpings. Once my brother need help cleaning his room in order to have a friend over. My sister had a chore that she needed help with. MY mom and dad wanted me to help with dinner so I did. Those are a few times